How to care for your Knitwear

Knitwear is not anymore essential during winter but also in other season as well. They are now more stylish and uses to create layers to a great outfit. They are made of different material that requires level of caution when it comes to washing. If washed incorrectly, your knitwear may lose its shape, shrink or look unappealing to you. Remember this guidelines when washing your knitwear collection. For ladies knitwear and women’s knitwear collection, visit

Wash by hand using a warm water and mild soap. Soak it for about five minutes and rinse it with warm water again. Do this carefully and when you’re done squeeze as much water as you can without twisting or wringing the garment. Dry it by wrapping it a towel and squuezing it before you let it dry in a cool place.

Machine wash it only if the label says it may. Use only a gentle cycle or if specified the cycle for knits. Regular cycle may cause your knitwear to shrink so choose carefully. Choose the right temperature as well, 30 degrees is the recommended one for knitwear.

Go to professionals. If you want to be safe and doesn’t have time to wash it yourself. You can save time and effort by having it Dry cleaned.

Washing your knitwear correctly ensures longetivity and quality of your garment. Make the most of garment and your money and enjoy your knitwear’s softness, comfort and style.

Choosing your homecoming shoes

Buying your homecoming shoes should be as fun as buying your homecoming dress. Whether you need a new one or just getting an idea for the perfect shoes for you, here’s a list of some tips that can come handy in your shoe shopping experience.

Look for stylish design that will fit your dress. If you’re wearing a formal gown, try a simpler pair of shoes like a lower heeled sling black. For shorter dress, a more elaborate design and embellishments will be a great choice of design.

Choose a color that matches your dress. As a general rule, choose a color that has the same tone or darker than the color of your dress. Black is known to work well with darker colored dresses. But you can also play with metallic shades such as gold and silver.

Prioritize comfort over fashion. Look for shoes that you’ll be comfortable to walk and dance in or else it can ruin your day and worse your feet. You can practice wearing your shoes around for a couple of hours before the major event.

Lastly, don’t forget to do your pedicure! Choose a polish that matches the color of your dress. Make sure your nails look groomed and nice especially if you are wearing an open-toed sandals.

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