Basic lingerie for women

Stylish women know that it’s easy to flatter your figure when you buy quality intimates to complete your wardrobe, and that the right undergarments make even the most stylish women’s clothing fit better. A foundation of the right bras, shapewear, panties and slips creates a smooth silhouette and graceful draping of fabric. Check out


Most popular bra for women are: Convertible bras have detachable straps that can easily be switched around, convertible bras are the most versatile undergarments in terms of design. A quick rearrangement of the straps makes the convertible bra suitable for halter tops, racer-back tops, sleeveless shirts and plunging necklines. While strapless bras are intimates wear usually constructed with underwire support in the cups, create a flattering silhouette for your dressiest fashions without the worry of errant straps. Strapless bras should fit snugly so they can provide the needed support without help from straps.

Most popular undies for women are : Bikini panties have a waistband that rests at the hips, making them a better choice than briefs if you wear pants with a medium-rise waistline. Also Thong panties have a narrow back panel and no side panels, prevent unsightly panty lines and are often worn under slinky or tight-fitting clothes. For even less coverage when you buy women’s underwear, choose a G-string; the back panel is even thinner on these intimates than thongs.

A fine silk or nylon slip greatly improves the drape of a dress or skirt and offers an extra layer of modesty. A fitted slip is made of a stretchy fabric and fits snugly against the body; wear it under a little black cocktail dress. While shapewear lingerie provides slenderizing support under your best outfits. These garments include control-brief panties made with firm yet stretchy panels, body suits that take the place of bras and underwear, and long-line bras or bustiers that include a full bodice. Made of modern fabrics such as spandex and microfiber, today’s shapewear offers support and comfort; long gone are the days of uncomfortable girdles and tight women’s underwear. offers thanksgiving deals on intimates online, visit them at

Top Gems for Gemstone Therapy

Gemstone therapy promotes the idea that the energy of gemstones affects the human body in different ways, depending on which gemstone is used. According to this therapy, the human body is a form of energy, as are gemstones. Since gemstones are created over long periods of time, deep in the earth, they have very steady energetic vibrations. The human body, on the other hand, remains a new and malleable combination of atoms with unsteady energetic vibrations. Therefore, when a gem’s stable vibration is placed against the skin, it can alter the energy of the human body.

Gems for Your Well Being:

  1. Amethyst: Amethyst jewelry has been popular among healers throughout history. The gemstone amethyst promotes meditation, healing, protection and trust. It is spiritually uplifting and has a cleansing effect on mind and body.

  2. Coral: Although it is a delicate gem, coral is known for strengthening one’s emotional foundation. Its positive effects include reducing stress and fear while promoting social growth. Popular coral jewelry includes beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

  3. Emerald: The gemstone emerald helps balance both physical and emotional healing, encouraging meditation and a feeling of tranquility. Wear emerald jewelry to get an overall feeling of well-being and renewal.

  4. Garnet: Therapists use garnet to relieve tension in the body. It is thought to be one of the more stimulating gemstones. Red garnet is also a symbol of good health, especially in winter when the glow of garnet jewelry brightens dark days.

  5. Jade: This stone relieves tension and creates a feeling of relaxation and inner peace. Yet jade can stimulate creativity, too. Jade jewelry also symbolizes wisdom and courage according to ancient folklore.

  6. Ruby: As a healing stone, ruby opens the heart, helping it overcome fear; rubies represent life and vitality. Ruby jewelry, of course, is also a symbol of passion and love.