Flowers and their meanings

One of the things that has recently intrigued me the most is flowers and their meanings. We are so used to the idea that any flowers are perfect for any occasion that we fail to realize that some are more appropriate than others.

Red tulips are associated with true love, purple represent loyalty, yellow symbolize hopeless love and white tulips represent forgiveness.

Sunflower represents loyalty and constancy. Wild sunflowers are usually photographed with their tall stalks and petals stretched toward the sun.

Violets represent loyalty, modesty and faithfulness. Its symbolic roots reach all the way into myth, legend and religion.

We use them as a way to say ‘I love you’ to someone special because they symbolize beauty and perfection. Red roses have been used as a symbol for love in numerous works of art, such as paintings, media and music.

If you consider yourself to be a bookworm, you have probably realized that many writers use daisies as symbols for something pure and innocent.

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Come to think of it, flowers have really insightful and keen associations in different cultures and religions. They are universal symbols that have their own language.

How to fake a goodnight sleep

Sleep is definitely important, so make sure you get as much sleep as you can. But when you can’t, here are some ways to fake a good night’s sleep:

When you curl your lashes, you immediately look more awake! Curl them as close to the lash line for the best results.

If you need to even out your complexion, skip the foundation! It will only look cakey, and you definitely don’t want that! Plus, foundation or powder will catch on to dry skin and only emphasize it.

Eye cream is a must-have in my makeup bag. If you are like me and have a serious issue with puffy eyes, try stashing your eye cream in the fridge.

When you don’t sleep, your skin condition deteriorates. Slather on a good moisturizer and the dryness will be less obvious. Some people like to do face masks in the morning because they think that it is refreshing.

I have been told that taking a cold shower can help you fake a good night’s sleep. Or maybe a cold slash of water on your face? omega 3 supplements at can also help.