Plus Size Bride

Weddings are the most romantic and memorable day in a woman’s life. Here she becomes the main attraction where she gets to wear the most important dress in her life, the wedding gown.

Each woman has different preference and idea in mind when asked about their dream gown. But not everyone gets to walk in the altar with their “original” dream gown and the “size” or “figure” is the main culprit for this.

Just because it looks good in the picture doesn’t mean it will look good on you. You will not know how a gown will look on you unless you tried it on your body.

Plus size brides often encounter this problem. Most bridal shops have limited “big” sizes per design and some don’t usually have one. So trying samples that will fit you is nearly impossible. But don’t disheartened. You can always try the gown and took a picture of yourself so you can visualize what will look perfect on you. Don’t expect every gown will fit as a glove. Remember you only need to see the front part of the dress on you. Imagine you’re a paper doll and the gowns are just paper gowns. You can always have it altered or tailored to your size. You can check out, plus size wedding dresses at

Glamorous A-Line Strapless Floor-Length Beading Lace Wedding Dress

Sweetheart Lace-Up Beading A-Line Wedding Dress

Be very clear on what you want but keep an open mind on what the gown consultant will suggest. brides often mistake on having only one gown in mind and getting upset when it didn’t worked out. There are alot of other options for you and you just have to try a few more gowns to find the “one”. That gown is out there for you and you’ll just know when it feels right for you.

How to Accessorize your bag

Sometimes we think of our handbags as accessories but have you thought about ways to accessorize a bag? Look forward to wearing and using your bag by incorporating some of these simple ways to accessorize your bag!


Simple Vintage Metal Buckle Silk Scarf Wraped Women Tote Bag
One of the easiest and most common ways to accessorize a bag is to tie on a scarf. You don’t have to buy scarves that are made to be used with purses unless you want to.


New Arrival Retro Bow Pearl Print Women's Shoulder Bag
Another easy way to accessorize your bag that’s a subtle alternative to tying on a scarf is to use ribbons. It looks similar but it’s much less ornate and less likely to get in the way.


Cool New Arrival Korean Style Leopard Print Women's Backpack
This is a great way to add a “new” purse into your rotation! Of course this is a more permanent way to accessorize a purse, so only use bags that you want to revive and won’t mind making mistakes on!


Luxurious Satin Lady's Evening Party Handbag
If you have any pieces of jewelry that are near and dear to your heart but you just don’t wear, use them to accessorize your purse!

There are so many ways to accessorize a bag that make use of so many things you already own! I love to accessorize purses because it gives them an extra special touch and it looks so girly.  You can also heck out for more  Cheap Bags here They are amazing!